fj40 transfer case support/ cross member

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May 4, 2005
HELP URGENT!fj40 transfer case support/ cross member

please post a link/website where there's a custom transfercase support and at the same time serves as a cross member of a fj40, what i saw was, its made of metal plate. similar to this picture
tnks 4 your posts
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Are you thinking of the style Mike made HERE ?

about half-way down...

Or, something like this:

hookt awn foniks

check out Advance adapters website for some x-member ideas ... scroll through the pages in there online store
Be aware that some people have issues with frame flex with the prop style tcase mounts.
Poser, I think there is a hand stuck in there.;)

Mace, if the propeller style was supported with some doughnuts at the frame, would frame flex still be a problem? I think Mike's eliminates that by letting the TC torque the mount and not really the x member?:confused:


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