For Sale FJ40 project southern PA $1500

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I went to look at this project yesterday it's more of a project than I need to get into at this time. I'm posting it for the owner as he is a non-land cruiser guy. It has a complete Manafre fiberglass tub and fenders already mounted, the diesel engine and transmission/transfer case seem to be mounted cleanly. has a non-land cruiser gas tank hanging under the rear of the tub. Looks like the brakes have all been redone, too. Axles are older land cruiser drum brake types. Has Warn hubs. The frame looks real good I didn't see any issues there. No top, doors, windshield frame, or seats. Here's the nessage I got from the owner:
Gary, here are a few pics i do have more but you will get the idea that this is a project. i got this from my wifes uncle there is no title or vin plate. it was being built as an off rd rig. bassically i dont know a whole lot about it. other than it has a man-a-fre tub and fenders. the frame is all cleaned and painted rears look too have been resealed and the brakes are rebuilt. lifted 4" from what i can tell. 4 new rancho rs9000 adjustable shocks. drivetrain is chevy 6.2 chevy diesel th400 automatic connected to the stock t-case with an advance adapters kit. and it still has the toyota axles under it. i relize its more of a project than i can handle at this time.
thanks Derek
(717)860-4048 after 4:30 is best but i will try to answer thru the day if i can.

He's located right outside of Chambersburg PA, 7 miles off Interstate 81. I think at $1500 it's a good buy for someone looking for a project. I figure the Advance adapters stuff is pretty expensive and if thr engine and tranny are good (unknown to me or Derek) it's a steal. Manafre tubs aren't cheap. I'm going to post this blurb on the Virginia club websites cause they'll all bedriving past this place on their way to the Coal Mine event next week. No involvement for me other than passing this opportunity along. In any event call Derek directly or email him at If anyone would need a title I have several here and would be glad to donate one to the cause.

For some reason I am unable to attach photos- email either me or Derek for photos. Gary S
email sent...
FJ40 sold

The 40 has been sold, Brian Koerner loaded it onto his trailer last week on his way up to Rasch for the coal mine event. As far as I know it's now sitting in its new home in Virginia. Gary S

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