FJ40 owner again...look what the cat dragged in...

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Nov 14, 2006
Harrisburg, NC
(Hey guys, just posted this on the mothership (IH8MUD)) my wife's surprise today I purchased a 67FJ40 (recently sold my 72FJ40)...some info on her...PO bought it from California 5 years ago (it's true what I have heard, dry climate=minimal rust damage!!), she didn't need too much work, fixed a few things and drove her around on and took time away from putting more hands on with the FJ so it sat on his parent's property for a few years...however his dad would crank her up everyday and drive her around his neighborhood...anyway they thought it was time to let her go so I got word form LakeNormanFJ40 that he saw it for sale and here we are....looks like she is mostly stock (90%) with a few minor mods, original F engine and carb., roll bar, front and jump seats need to be repaired or replaced (no biggie), three on the tree (I am going to have to get use to this), frame and chasis virtually rust free, body is great condition no major rust through areas or rot just some minor, minor surface rust and two areas where bondo was used but not b/c of rust/rot but to repair a very minor bang up, she has the cruiser lean!!....brakes need to be worked on (brake pedal goes all the way to the floor!!) nothing major, some friends and I am are going to replace the rear wheel cylinders and brake pads and see what happens, may buy a brake kit from JT Outfitters or Man a fre....I am sure as the days go by I will find other things to work on but fortunately this FJ does not require too much...I will post my progress as it happens...look forward to the input, feedback and assistance.....Roger
...P.S...I have tried for 45 minutes to upload pics from my computer but I keep getting an are JPEG image...can that be the problem, the images may be too big..anyone have ideas on how to make them smaller?? soon as I can figure it out I will submit pics...if anyone can help I would appreciate it (when I had my 72FJ I was able to load pics...weird, may jpegs were smaller)...
Awesome - I love my three on the tree!!
Got pics...

I was able to shrink the pixel size and now here are some pics...thanks..
resizedpic67FJ40 2.jpg
resizedpic67FJ40 3.jpg
1 more pic...

one more pic...
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nice my first cruiser had three on the tree and it was not bad

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