FJ40 fuel caps

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Jan 5, 2014
perth western australia
Hi there,I was out collecting some bits and pieces from my 64 fj40 parts car and was wondering if the fuel cap is original to this year ? Also on this subject looked at fuel cap on my 63 fj40, This fuel cap is or was a locking cap, Does anyone know if this could be original to this car. Will post some pics of both fuel caps. Look forward to anyones thoughts on these.
cap is a oem option...can't remember where i have the scan showing the options. annie has the locking cap too. kinda funny since there's an easy to get to bolt to drain the tank ;)...keeping honest people honest, i guess here's the best pic i have showing her cap. yours appears to be pushed out or damaged. it should sit a bit more flush witht he body
The reason it's looks different in the picture is because that is 61 tech bulletin. 61 FJ40 used the same gas cap as the FJ25. The later smaller was available for years. I picked one up years ago. I wish now I would have bought a bunch. When they were available they were pretty cheap. I'd have to look at a old SOR catalog to see how cheap.
Here is the funnel that was inside the filler neck of the FST models. Chain from the gas cap was used to pull it up. Not sure if I have better picture or not.


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