FJ northeast run 2015

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I may be up for this, $70 is steep though.
I might be interested. I used to attend the 4Runner event at rausch and it was always fun. I'm told the FJ group attracts well over 100 trucks, that's a lot of vehicles esepcially if there are other groups (probable) at the park in May. May is a busy month everyone is itching to get out.
100 FJ Cruisers?!?! :steer: Thats a lot of testosterone at one time....sounds dangerous.
I know the Comfort Inn is already booked full for the weekend. Twin Grove campground is almost full. There is a lot of traffic on the northeasters forum as well as the FJC forum. People get there on Thursday and wheel. Friday and Saturday are the designated run days. Sunday people go out again. The price includes the catered meal Saturday night and a raffle ticket for all of the giveaways. Lots of vendors. Proceeds go to a charity.
Sounds good to me. If it was the cmcc I wouldn't hesitate. :)

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