FJ 62 axles

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Jul 27, 2006
Cloverdale, B.C.
Hey guys, I've got a lead on a complete (hub-hub)pair Frnt/rear set of FJ62 axles out of a truck with 268,000 Kms. for $600. Sound like a good deal to you?
Depends if you need them, if you are looking to swap in 4.11 into your truck, think just buying the 3rds from a cruiser dealer would be around 350 each, so it is a good deal that way, but if you have room and such, you can sometimes find a deal on a whole rusty 60 or 62 for maybe just a little more than 600. Having spare birfs and all the other parts that comewith the complete axle would be good too. So depends how you look at it if you need some parts but don't have room for whole cruiser, it is real good deal, otherwise it is just so-so.
My view.
Nice thing about the '62 axle housing set up is... there beefy. Make's your 60 stuff look small... OK not small, just smaller. Not so much the back, but the fronts are nice, I guess the same as HJ's. The disc brake scoops are cool too, to bad they didn't have 4.11's in them. Good deal? :meh: like Deny says, sometimes you can find an entire truck for 600.00, maybe even one with A/C. Might take a bit of fabbing to get the compressor mounted, but everything else should work. Or, if you find a 62 with A/C I'll trade you the BJ one. I paid 500.00 just for the compressor, then another 50.00 for the drier.
Well you guys helped me come to a decision for sure. I'm living in a basement sweet at the moment, so bringin' home a whole truck is out of the question. I can find a spot for two axles at my fathers place. I know there's no way I'd get the whole truck for six from the seller. The main reason for the parts is to get the 4.11 ratio thirds as the stock 60 ser. gears are a bit too high. The lower gears would be less taxing on the powertrain for the upcoming wheeling season and I can set up the 3.70 thirds with 4.56 or 4.88 gears for later on. With the 13B-T/3.70 setup, I can burn down the level sections of Hwy. 1 @ 130Km/hr. Never did that before in the wagon, but sooner or later I'm gonna pick up a speeding ticket that will cost money that can be put towards the truck. They're called Landcruisers, not Landspeeders.
Like I said, 62 stuff is beefy. Your shocks will need modifying (bigger bushings on the 62) or replacing. I would bolt the entire axle assembly under your 60, it would be a nice upgrade.

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