First time I ever had to be resqued in my lc

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Dec 1, 2011
overlooking the Mississippi River @ Memphis
First time ever having to be rescued in my LC.....
On the way to a jobsite with my dog and helper (12yo son) head down 55 into Mississippi I notice a slight stumble... "this ain't good" look down and see the ABS light on and the Battery symbol lit up... about that time a few more hiccups and I drop it in to neutral and head for the exit.... radio cuts in and out... engine is still running all the gauges look fine... I still have PS the engine will still rev a little...
I coast into a goodwill parking lot under a tree in the shade.. (it's like 100 degrees here) I cut the engine and try to restart... (that often fixes things I know nothing about) but no luck not even a click... not enough power to roll down a window... this in the same truck that has made several stops today...
Call my right hand guy because I know he is at the warehouse and I have a brand new marine battery sitting there... he shows up with the battery BUT the terminals are opposite of what they need to be... move a few wires and I'm on my way... I check the removed battery (it came with the truck which had been sitting over a year with a blown engine) and it is deader than Kelseys nuts... not even a hint of a spark... with the rigged battery in I'm fearing a bad alternator... but the gauge shows it's fine and I run it until I get home.... order and advance auto parts battery
AutoCraft Gold Battery, Group Size 24, 700 CCA
Product Subtotal:

Discounts: -$45.00

ordered online used $5 speed perks and trt41 coupon code... so $81 3yr free replacement

so all is good with the world... except I wonder what totally killed my battery (have no idea how old it was) But I'm thinking... black truck weeks of the temp gauge on my dash reading 110 degrees plus... global warming killed my battery... who knew...
Did you get a voltage reading while running to check alternator?
Yep check the alternator, mine did the same thing recently, you'll burn the new battery out in no time.
So the gauge is showing that the Alternator is putting out Voltage?
With your LC idling, put a Voltmeter across the battery terminals - you should have 13.5-15v
At least something higher than 12v.

Then turn Engine off and measure across the battery - should be less than above and right at 12v
C'mon pony I was expecting a pic of you being pulled out of a gigantic mudhole along the Mississippi based on your thread title! As my 8 yr old would say..a battery? Seriously?

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