First there was an 80, now there is a 100 too

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Oct 11, 2010
Bought our 80 a couple years ago and needless to say we now have a 100 too. We really wanted one but didn't think we could afford one. But after checking our everything from Sequoias and dare I say Siennas, this one popped up on Craigslist close by. Its a 2000 with 212k miles. It was a mom vehicle and was garage kept it whole life. When I first saw it I had to contain my enthusiasm so I wouldn't loose negotiation power. My wife couldn't be happier. She said she never thought she would own such a nice vehicle. She likes the 80, but said this was real luxury.






Nice find. I purchased a 1999 just over 18 months ago to augment the 80 series. Wife enjoys the 100 more than the 80! I also did Shane's leather kit in that 1999, and it made a huge difference in the feel, kind of made it hers.
Nice find fellow 80-100 hoarder! The 100 is my wife's people mover as well and she couldn't be happier.
Nice going Profro. Nice that your wife's on board with the best vehicle know to man. My wife's 2000 LX has 248k miles and she still loves it to death. She has put 200k on it in nearly 10 years of us owning it. She has driven a '92 and '95 80 LC before that beginning in 1996.

Like I was told when I bought my first LC in 1996...."Now that you own one of those you can only go down in vehicles". So very true.

Nice going hoarder Bro.

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