First Gen 4Runner Power Antenna

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Aug 19, 2019
Atlanta GA
Looking for a replacement power antenna, the entire unit not just mast. If you have personally seen or swapped a power antenna (from another vehicle or generic) into a 1st Gen 4Runner I'd love to know make/model/year or part number for that unit. I don't want a fixed or whip antenna. Thanks for help.
I'd start looking at second gen, then third. Hell, even the one that was on my 94 Cruiser looked pretty similar. But, please, if you find something, report back.
I listen to streaming services too, but I get radio reception in many areas where cell service is zero. I like the sound of a live human between songs. A strong FM signal produces better audio quality, not as good as CD but close. My phone, app, and head unit don’t all have to cooperate just to enjoy tunes. I can operate most radios without looking, there may be voice command apps so I’ll concede that one. I like shifting my own gears with a clutch, sensing rain and darkness manually and engaging wipers and headlights accordingly. Im into vintage simplicity for whatever reason. I’ve got a generic antenna on the way, I considered 2nd and 3rd gen but thought they may end up NLA as well. Either way I’ll post up the carnage when the dust settles. thanks all, s.
Whoa, easy, LOL. I was really just speaking to the previous comment and my own needs. Where I live, you can keep all that radio has to offer, otherwise I might be more into it. I keep a chunk of tunes offline and usually have a packed USB key jammed into the back of the unit for times where there is no service and I might want something besides a podcast that I also have offline. Your jam is just fine and I think you'd do well with a 2nd or 3rd gen unit with little to no modification. Me, I enjoy bringing modern comfort and convenience into these older rigs that I love in every other way. For instance, I installed a unit that I incorporated into the security system so I can roll my back window down with a single press from my key fob. SO NICE when you got your arms full of groceries or mall goods LOL.
Fob, Security system, that's high tech!! I was speaking completely tongue in cheek, glad you enjoyed. I've got a few cars with automatic stuff, bmw and ford, they do their job.

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