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Sep 12, 2005
I am super excited to post that I have finally got my pictures ready for viewing. I have been on here for the last little while, people have been asking me to post my pictures. Well, finally they are here!

Thanks to everyone for helping out and answering my questions, now that i will be starting to reasemble my cruiser, the questions will keep coming I'm sure.

Anyway, happy viewing!

Hey, does anyone know how to post a picture directly instead of linking? Or is it better to link to pictures generally?


Sep 10, 2004
coastal empire
Looks great! Nice to see you taking care of all that rust. Color looks great as well.

I especially like that part where you use your friends garage/tools/labor. I think your mud handle should be Tom Sawyer!

I like to see the pics in the thread. You can link to them pretty easily. There is an icon
you can use that will insert the appropiate vB script to link. The only problem is that if your hosting site goes away, so do your photos :crybaby:

To make them a part of mud forever, purchase a star ($20) and ih8mud will host them.

Read about posting images here:

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