Finally got a contract on the house

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Jul 9, 2004
Montgomery Co. TEXAS
Listed it about a month ago and had no action on it what so ever. The first to open houses resulted in nobody coming in...... we were really starting to doubt this move was supposed to happen.

Our agent called Monday morning and asked if we could show the house at noon..... kinda short notice, but a showing is a showing, at least someone was interested. By 3 pm he called back and said they had made an offer that was within $1000 of what we were hoping to get and the buyers only request was that we did not fill in the pond in the back yard (I was going to haul three loads of dirt this morning to fill it in) and if we would leave the hanging pot rack in the kitchen......... No mention of painting the living room (which is burgandy and tan) or Holley's room (which is three shades of blue). Both on which I expected to have to paint.

The buyers want to close by the end of June, the day after Debi has to be in The Woodlands. Come to find out, the other three houses for sell within 4 blocks of us (all for less money), wouldn't show their houses on short notice and the buyers are currently living out of state and planning on heading home Tuesday.

It's really cool to see things work out this....... Another answered prayer!

Of course we have no idea where we're going to live when we get the The Woodlands. We'd planned on heading down this next weekend to look at a couple houses that would great, but our church has scheduled a pot-luck farewell lunch for us on Sunday (they apparently forgot to see if we could attend..... but we'll be there). I think we're gonna try to swing through Wichita Falls and look at Fireman's travel trailer for temporary lodging til we can close on a house.

Y'all that are so inclined, please pray that the closing on our house goes smooth and that the house He has lined up for us is still available when get to The Woodlands.
Great news!
Great news yawl......... Mike no rush on a job:hillbilly:
Job????? What the hell is that?:flipoff2:

I reckon I'll start looking once we get there and get settled...... I gotta get enuff money scraped together to get the 40 built up..... or have JK build the 40 up.

Debi & I got messed up on our dates for stuff, so it looks like we're heading to The Woodlands this weekend to make an offer on a house and swing through Wichita Falls to look at options for temporary, mobile residency.....

Looks like we'll be in the middle of unpacking when we head up north for the reunion. No doubt that'll be a welcome and much needed break from everything else going on...... Don't be surprised or upset if I park fat arse in a reclining lawn chair in the A/C with a bottle of JB and coke and get caught up on some sleep........ On second thought I best no sleep 'cept behind closed and locked doors with this group perverts and homosexuals :censor:
That story about those buyers justs makes it easier to keep the faith, don't it? I'll keep my fingers crossed on your house selling. The rest will come much easier.

On second thought I best no sleep 'cept behind closed and locked doors with this group perverts and homosexuals :censor:

We have bananas, and we know how to use them!:flipoff2:
Hey Mike, I will be home Saturday instead of Sunday.
Hey Mike, I will be home Saturday instead of Sunday.

Just leave it unlocked if ya can..... we won't get to 'til noon day or later Sunday depending on how the house hunting and contract paperwork goes.
Ardenne and the girls should be here. I may sneak off from work for an hour or so when ya'll get in if thge Chief isn't looking.

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