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Dec 2, 2004
Athol, MA
I am selling a complete set of fender flares off my 1996 FZJ80. They are still on the vehicle, but will take them off if and when sold. They are in great shape, no broken tabs etc. The flares were properly sanded, prepped and then lined with U-Pol to match my U-Pol coated bumper. I'd like to sell the entire set intact. If you need individual flares read below. These look great on a black vehicle. I much prefer the texture of the U-Pol over other bedliner products like Durabek. $300.00 plus shipping or BO...

I am also selling some additional flares that I have hanging around the garage. These flares are Deep Pearl Green, but would need to be painted or coated in liner. These come with the gaskets, but I can't guarantee there condition. The one has a missing tab (circled in red) and the other has the tab, but it will need to be epoxied or something. $50.00 for the driver's flare and $25.00 for the others. Plus shipping. All are BO.

Please PM Me
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Aug 10, 2009
Puerto Rico
I'm interested in the whole set. My LC is '94 Gray.
They should look good.

Shipping via USPS to 00961 (Puerto Rico) but USPS doeasnt charge any xtra for shipping here, it's domestic.

Will these come with the rubber gaskets?

Please PM me, I can PayPal to you.

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