fellow cruiser-head needs our help!

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Mar 14, 2003
i know this isn't hardcore and if it outta be moved or deleted, then so be it....

hey guys.

i know a lot of you have seen this already but i thought that starting a new thread would help out a lot.

our fellow cruiserhead gene aka "land cruiser junky" got in a pretty bad accident less than a week ago. he made it thru with a few bumps and bruises, but his FJ35LV met it's demise; saving gene's life in the process.
gene's situation has been challenging to say the least. his wife has been ill for two years or more and has not been able to work. he has three boys and does what he can to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. this has been difficult, even though gene is a hard worker and a stand-up dude. i know so from first hand experience. so there's no way he will be able to replace the LV anytime soon or in the forseeable future.
so i thought it'd be a good idea for all of us to chip in and make sure he get's back into a wagon. if you don't know gene or his rig, then take a look at this thread:


here's a link to the accident thread as well; the pics speak for themselves:


in order to get gene driving his beloved LV again, we're trying to find parts and donations to resurect his wagon by using it as a donor vehicle and transplanting all the useable parts into another wagon. looks like we have located a rolling body and the powertrain from the donor rig is good. but we'll need lots of odds and ends so pease help out if you can!

there are three ways in which you can help this great cause:

1) make a donation to the "recovery fund". you can do so via paypal at
if you're not comfortable with using paypal, then you're welcome to send money orders or checks to me. please pm me and i'll get yu all the pertenant info.
2) donate some of your cruiser parts. we will poost up a list of things needed. you can pm me about parts as well.
3) if do not have any extra spending cash or parts that would work for the project, then how about putting some of your old not-needed cruiser parts up for sale in the "for sale section" on the online forums or even on ebay. have the buyer pay for the parts via paypal into the recovery fund. won't cost you anything, you'll help make this happen and it'll help un-clutter your garage some!

thanks in advance, gene knows about this and has been very touched by the donations and well wishes so please keep them coming. i know we can make this happen!

the "resurection" will take place in just over a month, probably in early june. we plan on gathering parts and money until then. once everything is lined up, we'll be doing a work weekend in socal at mark A's shop. so we also need volunteers to come make this happen. so far, we have about a dozen guys willing to show up and work. we're hoping to do the entire job in one weekend. sounds like a col challenge to me........

thanks again, we appreciate your help!!!!!!!
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Links dont work........:confused:
should work now.

danke vielmals! :beer:
Like I said, I can haul the carcass from Northern colorado :)
very cool jason!!!!! would you mind sending a pm to the donor of the replacement body to get things set up? also, let me know what it's gonna cost you in fuel and i'll get some $s to you.

thanks again, that's one of the biggest hurdles in making this happen! :beer:
where is this going to take place?
sometime right after memorial-day weekend. we need to work out the logistics of getting the body and frame to los angeles from CO. looks like jason can get them during memorial day weekend and then hopefully rob or one of the other guys will be able to getthem from vegas to los angeles.

the 'resurection" will take place at mark A's shop if everything works out the way we hope it will.

keep your fingers crossed and the donations coming! :beer:
Not a big deal at all.

I am driving there anyway. Might as well make myself usefull. :)

I'll send a PM

Hey if there is anything I can do let me know....or when the time comes let me know so I can get over to Mark's and give a hand doing whatever I can...

yup, it'll be a task but i think we can at least get the powertrain installled and fire it up, possibly even make it a driver in one weekend.:clap:
Are you / Gene planning stock steering or something else??? I have some of the parts to rebuild the stock box if they are needed...

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