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Aug 22, 2011
Mystic, CT
Hello Fellow YT members,
I hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far and are having fun with their families and Toyotas.

Fall gathering 2018 is just a few months away. I was having some thoughts and wanted to get a shout out early this year. This will be the 20th anniversary for the club and I would hope that all of the newbies, five year, ten year , veteran members etc. would like to make this a great year. We have all counted on Bob for years and we need to to give back and make this a smooth transition. Thank you Bob for keeping this alive for all of us to enjoy. Most of you know that there is a lot to do and many things that you don't think about until you jump in.

I have worked on the FG with Bob, Tom, Randy, Rick, Jim, Will, Josh, and Caleb and I know everyone did the best they could with the situations they had. There are a lot of different personalities here in New England. We know that and we all do what we have to do to enjoy our hobbies with whatever spare time we have.

This year we will need everyone to help in some way. The BODs are going to do our best to make it the best we can.
We are working on the T-shirts, stickers, BBQ, raffle items, trails leaders and Saturday breakfast.

Here is what I know we need:

Set up
I personally have never been up to the event early enough to set up.
Please help if you show up early.
We need a sound system, clipboards, tables, tarps, extension cords, two EZ-Ups tent,trash bag liners.
Let me know what you have?

Saturday Breakfast ( We are doing breakfast so we need breakfast chefs)
We can reimburse for expenses. We need the griddles, eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese, english muffins, coffee, coffee makers,orange juice, cups, paper plates, paper towels, etc..
Saturday Breakfast run to store.
Rick can you bring those egg rings??
4 people would be great.

We will have a online registration this year. Should be launching in a few weeks. YT FG Registration – Event Registry. Registration closes Sept 28th!

Check in
We need a couple of volunteers to check everyone in. Campground rules requires everyone to sign a waiver. If everyone can give us an hour or two that would be awesome.

Trail leaders
I'm not sure about this yet? We will need as many as we can get.
Usually John, Mike Fox, Jason, Tom O, Rick Bigelow, always set up. Hope you all have are back again this year.
Friday Trails

Saturday Trails

We will need a microphone or sound system. Please reach out if you have one. If you wish to donate to the raffle we would all appreciate the generosity. We will take parts that you are not using. If you have a relationship with a vendor please email me so we can get a donation letter sent to them asap. edwardpalau@gmail.com

Kids Raffle
We are also planning a kids raffle. If you see something online, at Walmart or any other store that would appeal to a small person, please purchase it or tell one of the BODS and we can make it happen.
I would love if someone could handle this one.

Group Photo
I think it would be great if we could do a large group photo after the end of the wheeling day on Saturday before the BBQ. Can someone bring a camera and help make this happen?? Pm me and we can discuss.

Clean up
You know the deal. Don't be that guy.


I know that Im missing some stuff but like this is an early shout out. If you are a shy and want to email me directly with info on things that I forgot that's cool as well.
Looking forward to hearing from everyone.
Enjoy the summer and start getting those trucks fixed.

Ed Palau
Membership Director, FG planner, raffle spokesman, liquor salesman,( if you need a wine recommendation)etc...
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Feb 1, 2012
Wondering if anyone has all or most of the stickers or tee-shirt artwork from the past 19yrs
Aug 22, 2011
Mystic, CT
Here are some of the vendors that we are reaching out to for some raffle prizes.
Thanks Caleb for all of your help. Lets hope that we get some support this year.
Iron Pig
Low Range
Cruiser Parts.net
Cool Cruisers of Texas
Rock Auto
Borla Exhaust
4 wheel parts
ruff stuff
crawl mag
advance adapters
cruiser corps
Cruiser Outfitters
dmr off road
orilley auto parts
napa auto parts
Interco tires
Goodyear tires
odyssey battery
summit racing
macs tie downs
competition LED
yukon Gear
Trail Gear
Slee Off Road
Cruiser Corps
May 18, 2009
I can do the stickers and any signs needed, can help with trail runs out back, I have an easy up you can use.
Aug 22, 2011
Mystic, CT
I can do the stickers and any signs needed, can help with trail runs out back, I have an easy up you can use.
Hello Tom,
Thanks for the reply. We would love some help with the trails out back and the easy up. That would be great. Randy is going to take care of the stickers and banners this year. If you want to reach out to him with some ideas for the designs that would be helpful. We currently looking for some high def FJ40 and Fj60 Images for this year. If something changes I will reach out.
Nov 21, 2015
Needham ma
Hey guys, I’ll be up most likely Friday night and headed back either Saturday night or Sunday morning
I seemed to of found my place in helping with food prep and helping with cooking breakfast. Glad to help in the food dept. again. Also I have an account at restaurant depot in needham and can buy things in volume at wholsale such case of eggs, large bass of potatoes , case of paper plates, whatever. Let me know !
Mar 10, 2005
The first t-shirt I have is from 2003. I don't remember an event t-shirt for the first year (maybe the first few years).
Aug 22, 2011
Mystic, CT
Does anyone have a sound system that we can use for FG?
Bob O'Connell has one that we can use but he needs someone to grab it from him. Does anyone live close to Bob and can lend a hand? He lives in Whitman, Ma

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