Fall Convention

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Jan 21, 2005
Powell River, BC
PO Box 284, Surrey BC V3T 4W8

Meeting Notice and Proposed Agenda
4WDABC Annual General Meeting
March 18, 2006

Location: Coughlan Hall, 6795 256th Street
Aldergrove, BC

Hosted by the Herd of Turtles Four Wheel Drive Society

The meeting will start at 8:30am Saturday until all matters have been
dealt with. See enclosed draft agenda.

Delegates, members at large, and non-member observers are welcome.

There will be other events planned in conjunction with the AGM, details to
be announced at the meeting.

Proposed agenda for approval by delegates:

1. Welcome and call to order
2. Delegate roll call
3. President’s welcome
4. Approval of agenda (bring additions or deletions to the meeting)
5. Minutes of previous meeting: September 17, 2005 Fall Convention
6. Announcement of elections (there will be three calls for nominations)
7. Announcement of 4wheeler of the year (get your nominations in)
8. Communications
9. Board of Directors reports
-President * Brad Paulin
-Vice President * Lynn Anderson
-Secretary - Amanda Tarry
10. Treasurer Report * Jarett Humphrey
-Financial Statements
11. Region Vice-President Reports
-Region 2 Vice-President Andrea Hoffmann
12. Appointed Officers’ Reports
-Backroader Editor * Dave Harries
-Backroader Advertising * Vacant
-Delegate(s) to External Organizations * Kathy Whittmore (ORC), Ryan
Egger (SVA)
-Fundraising * Amanda Tarry, Gerry Bolduc
-Membership * Denise Aker
-Merchandise * Ryan Egger, Andrea Hoffmann
-Notification System Administrator * Jarett Humphrey
-Offroad Education * Trevor Tarry
-Webmaster * Brock Foster
-Whipsaw Project Manager * Paul Cooper
-Sunrise Lake Project Manager * Steve Dillen
13. Member Reports
-Herd of Turtles
-Island Rock Crawlers
-Nanaimo Sidewinders
-North Caribou Offroad Adventurers Society
-New Applicants (if any)
14. Old Business
-Membership discussion
15. Election of President and Treasurer
16. Appointed Positions
-Backroader Editor
-Backroader Advertising
-Delegate(s) to External Organizations - ORC, SVA
-Notification System
-Offroad Education
-Whipsaw Project Manager
-Sunrise Lake Project Manager
17. New Business
-4WDABC accomplishments
-Membership * Club member opt-out clause
-New club applicants (if any)
-Ratification of new members (if any)
-Other new business brought forward prior to agenda approval.
18 Election of Four Wheeler of the Year.
19. President’s Choice photo contest winner presentation
20. Raffle * Satellite Telephone draw
21. Next meeting: Fall Convention
22. Adjournment.

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