Falken Wildpeak AT3W Compound Change re: Winter Performance

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Jul 26, 2020
Juneau, Alaska
Interesting responses from Joe Bacal recently in regards to the AT3W, when myself and others asked about winter performance vs a few others. Of course, who knows what folks' experience will continue to be, and "winter" varies, but since this tire has such a large fanbase and always seems to do really well in these conditions, I thought it would be good to share. Pardon the separate thread, but post would get lost elsewhere and there are so many different threads floating around that include this tire.

"I did like the Falken and would normally highly recommend the Wildpeak, but I recently learned that Falken did a compound change which was a cost savings and running production change. I tested the previous Wildpeak version and it was a lot better."

When I asked about Toyo AT3 vs Falken - "Well, first I have to say the 80 is a sweet 4WD! So as for snow performance, like I said in my comments, the AT3 Toyo and Wildpeak both scored well and at the top of the list. However, after recently finding out that Falken seemed to have made a running production compound change, the overall performance went way down. I would pass on the Falken."

Again, this is in regards to winter/wet performance specifically. Certainly not trying to sway anyone, but was suprised to hear this. The rest of his reply to me is in regards to my inquiry on the Toyo, which is irrelevant to this thread, but that is what I just ordered........
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Great, I was thinking of getting the Falkens and it rains a lot here
Saw your other thread about your current tires. I’m sure the Falken will still be a great tester against those, but the compound change affecting its historically noted excellent winter performance is interesting. Naturally, it’s hard to say how much a professional driver’s experience and the nuances they pick up on can/will affect us regular Joes.. we certainly aren’t all Joe Bacals

....says the guy who placed his $1,100 bet on his feedback 😜👈
Can you link to any information about the compound change on the AT3W? I have been researching tires and have not been able to find anything about this. My google foo must be weak today.
I doubt it’s been officially stated by Falken, all I know of are Joe Bacal’s comments on his YouTube videos, which should be a reputable source. Maybe they’d respond to an email/call?
Thanks for sharing that info.
I was on the fence toyo/falken but opted for the toyo at3 because my driving is weakest on ice & snow.... so I need tires that help as much as possible.
I found the same video regarding the compound change. Came across another video from Toyo that states that their AT3 P rated tire is using a silica tread compound. The Falken P rated tires also had a silica compound.

I went with the new Toyo AT3 as replacements to the Falken AT3W I had installed on my 2014 Tundra for several reasons. Silica compound on the new Toyo AT3, made in the USA, toyo was 4 lbs lighter in the 285/75-17 and the P rated has more siping than the Falken . I will say that the new Toyos are slightly louder than I recall the Falkens were when new. I had the Toyo AT2 and removed them due to being too loud for the Tundra. On my 97 LX, the Toyo AT2 is great and not excessivly loud.

Hope this helps some of you.

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