Factory decals

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Sep 16, 2006
Christchurch New Zealand
I am in the process of getting my 60 ready to paint and want to remove the factory decals down side. what are some efective ways to get them off.


Heatgun / hairdryer that way you can heat them up a little so they won't crack when you take them off.
Any leftover glue can be removed with kerosene.
I should have been clearer, I do not wont to keep them, so dont mind if they rip or what ever.
If you are going to repaint just use aircraft paint stripper and strip the sides down to bare metal. If you dont want to strip, go to an auto paint supply shop and purchase an " eraser". It is a big gum rubber disc that you use on a variable speed drill. It is a slow process but will remove the decal without damaging the paint. With all the surface you have, I would use chemical stripper.
steamer. Used one this weekend to remove the 20 year old tint off my hj47, came off super easy
3M makes a product called wood grain remover that works great on all kinds of decals.


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