factory bumper paint

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Mar 23, 2014
does anyone know where I can find some touch-up paint or anything close to the factory gray bumper paint
Which year?
looks like I posted this thread twice must have hit the button my bad
I used the Duplicolor "Graphite" Wheel paint and a coat of clear (from O'Reilly)
yeah that's what I was thinking I don't need much I think I'll try it tomorrow thanks

Lay down a good coat of sandable primer first. I makes the color lay out a LOT better.

We took our bumper to bare metal, then pounded out the dents and filled with bondo and sanded, then primers and sanded, then top coated.

Had it on there for two weeks, then installed a winch and it's laying in the garage........it looks good though!
I used the Duplicolor "Graphite" Wheel paint and a coat of clear (from O'Reilly)

I'd go this route/brand of paint (or similar) & repaint the bumper entirely.

Just had a pint of colormatched paint made up this last week using a 'sun gun' & letting it make pigment suggestions (had to bring my trunk lid from my Camaro to a paint vendor, have them sample it in 3 areas).

$48.80 was my final bill, and I still had to go back & grab a little extra black pigment to deepen it (par for course, no colormatch is 100% from a 'sun gun' sample).

Bottom line - colormatching is 75% science & 25% voodoo/ exp shooting paint - and owning a good 2500+ lumen flashlight if you don't want to run it out into full sunlight between samples.

I was lucky I was in acrylic enamel - the newer urethane stuff is a near nightmare esp if you have sunfade to combat.

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