Exhaust part numbers... or DIY solution

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Feb 7, 2023
Coos Bay, OR
I decided the first thing to fix before the center diff was my loud exhaust. I looked under and saw that a welder that I don't think was a welder, welded my exhaust. It was awful. I had to cut it passed the cat, the only part that looked fine, it seems to be aftermarket. I want to keep my exhaust 2.25" after the cat which goes into one pipe, It's a Magnaflow cat and it goes from the driver side to the passenger side over the axle and back. I want to stay as close as I can to an OEM system, I want to put a 4"x14" Magnaflow muffler 2.5 inlet and outlet on and then go straight back over the axle. Do I need to weld my own exhaust or are there parts online that can help? as far as I know I just need a pipe from the cat on the driver side to the passenger into the muffler and then the muffler over the axle to the rear, so 2 pipes. If anyone can help me with a part number or anything like that I would appreciate it. I'm on a strict budget but I can manage, If I need to make my own pipes do I need to make my own brackets?
I'm lost. The 1FZ-FE is an inline six with the entire exhaust on the passenger side. Both cats are on the passenger side, under the front seat. I can't picture the exhaust you describe on a stock engine.

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