Exhaust Nirvana-OTRAMM stainless system for the 60

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May 27, 2020
Kent, CT
Hello Mud,
Rarely does one get to use “exhaust” and “nirvana” in the same context but this will certainly be true in this case. Just got my @OTRAMM stainless exhaust for my 1985 LC and wow! Can’t wait to get this installed. I’ve built exhaust systems for Porsche 911s in a previous life and I have to say the quality on this setup is first rate. Nice to see the use of proper V band clamps as opposed to the janky U bolt or flange mountings that are commonly used. Looking forward to getting this installed and will document here.

Here’s a preview of the system off the truck.

I'd like to see that installed and also see it running
I've been seriously wondering about an OTRAMM system for my 62, budget allowing once I get other necessities done. I'm curious if the downpipes and main pipe are the same diameter as a stock setup, or if it's actually upgraded over stock. I've been desmogged for years too so a cat wouldn't be needed. Right now I'm running a Flowmaster 40 series muffler with a 2.5" system from the Y-pipe back and straight pipes in place of the cats. The sound is nice but honestly I'm wanting something quieter while retaining the better-than-factory flow of my current system.
OTRAMM says they no longer make the exhaust systems.
I'll keep looking.....
Yep. Last I heard from OTRAMM was cost of materials meant either discontinue the systems or raise the price by I think it was close to 50% (might've been even more) to generate any kind of profit.
If it gives yall any consolation, the exhaust from the manifold to the tailpipe on a 60 series has got to be one of the easiest exhausts to make. in the photo above its 3 45* mandrel bends, 2 90* mandrel bends and a bunch of straight tubing. Choose whatever muffler and cat you want.

go to Stainlessbros.com for your tubing and mandrels, vibrant via summit or even amazon for the vbands, any weld in stainless cat and any oem replacement muffler or you could go crazy with a fancy 304ss muffler.

What makes it difficult for otramm is to price them reasonably given the vbands and tubing has gotten expensive, and that hes got to build them for a truck that he does not have on hand to install it on. If you have the truck sitting there its loads easier but still takes time I can see why he dosnt sell them. I honestly thought abotu making a bolt on kit as well but the juice doesnt seem worth the squeeze. Its hard to price an exhaust kit like this competitively but still make it worth your time to do
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