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Apr 8, 2007
Hey, Guys I ended up purchasing my wife one of their 1/10 Rally Monster Brushed Short Course Trucks. $120 RTR just to test the water on their quality and Customer Service. I should receive it later this week or early next week. I do have a question on their 1/10 and 1/8 Scale MaxStone Crawlers. I know they are built off of an older chassis and have cheap Chinese electronics. The 1/8 has twin motors while the 1/10 has a single which causes some wicked torque twist due to the springs etc. they use. Just curious if anyone has owned or tested one out. For $124 and $190 they don't seem bad but I have no Idea what makes a decent crawler. What would you reccomend single or twin motors? How can you solve the torque twist problem? Your input would be great. Just looking for something that wont break the bank but is still fun. Thanks.

1/10 MaxStone

1/8 Maxstone
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