engine swap compatibility. HELP!

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May 29, 2007
recently, my '87 4Runner had broken the timing chain. i originally thought it was a fuel pump, but later learned since the engine had no compression, it's a broken timing chain. i have a lead on a 22r engine from an '83 or '84. i was told by the owner that it wouldn't be able to be dropped in, due to different mounting positions. here's my question: can i use the parts from the replacement engine(mostly top end: head, valves, pistons, etc.), and will they bolt into my engine, along with whatever gets fixed? i need answers, as this is my DD, and i desperately need my truck to be running back to normal.
no the block is different the only thing you would be able to do is put the fuel injection intake system on the 22r there is one hole that has to be drilled and taped in the head.
if you need it running and dang the consistence$ (i heard DD need it yesterday) 1st thing you do ANYTIME in ANY motor you know you broke a chain or belt is find out if the engine is + positive interference or - negative interference. Positive means that the combustion chamber is so small usually the valves will reach the pistons and with the pistons rising and falling with rotation and the cam (controls the valves) not they will strike and bend the valves. - and the valves can never be hit by the pistons.

As far as the 22r being +/- IDK but hang on and shortly someone will know and post it.

Then with that knowledge you can plan your next move. - and all you have to do is install the chain and set the time. + and I would recommend either another head which could as well be a mystery and not leave you any better off than if you took your head to a machine shop and had it reworked.

Hang tight
sorry guy

You can either have your head redone or get another but make sure it will bolt to your intake theres a couple variations out there and they all pretty much look the same

DOA Racing Engine's Timing Chain Kit- ORN

If this ingestion of water into the crankcase wasn't bad enough, the chain can break all together and in an "R" engine, serious engine damage will take place. This is because these engines are what is known as an "interference" design. This means that if the camshaft and crankshaft are thrown out of time, the pistons will hit the valves.
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If I were in your position, I would just buy a new fully loaded head from www.engnbldr.com
i finally took a peek, and valve damage is present. good thing there are a few people who have engines from an '85, and an '86 4Runners that are up for parts. so all is not lost!

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