Engine-Chassis Ground

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Apr 27, 2005
Boise, ID
Does anyone have pictures of the ground wire that is the main ground from engine to chassis? Mine came off a year ago and I would like to see placement pics.
just get a big wire (stock is something like 4ga or 6ga) put an eye on each end, find a bolt on the motor and bolt on the frame. attach.


if you want to be really special.... run another wire from the frame bolt to the negative terminal of the battery.

it's pretty hard to do this job "wrong". any additional grounds that you add should make for happier electricity (within reason)
I found several grounds when I pulled my engine. One went from the head to the firewall, another from the Neg battery terminal to the passenger motor mount, and another from the starter to the frame. There where probably more as well.
I think that is all of them Dave.

The primary one is the Negative to motor mount. The one from the starter to frame is very important too. Ask me how I know, goo dgrounds are essential, burned up two starters due to corroded ground wires on my 40.

The one on the head, must just make sure the head is truely grounded so the temps sensor will work I guess, could be a chance it won't ground through the head gasket or something.

Traditionally one to the engine and frame was all a vehicle had, more is better.

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