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Dec 31, 2009
SLO, California
United States
I have a decked and bored block and brand new pistons not yet installed along with nearly everything else needed to complete the rebuild, including flywheel and bellhousing and accessories. Not everything is in the pictures, so feel free to message me. Sorry no carburetor. The crank needs to be welded and reground if you plan on using it. It's from an early model cruiser probably 45 (I've been told pre-76 due to lack of block casting to support power steering bracket). I'm in California and I'm not really interested in parting out or shipping. If you can pick it up it's yours to with what you'd like. I'm asking $1,000.





People will want to know what size/brand pistons ...
People will want to know what size/brand pistons ...

Probably want to know a lot more than that. If it was removed from a early 45 it wasn't installed at the factory. 67 was the last model year for the 45 in the US. Certainly not a F135 which was correct for 67. Believe that fuel pump is for a 79+ but may be a way to solve the return line on a fuel tank with no provisions for a return line. 79 block would have the holes to mount a power steering pump bracket, which would be a plus.
Interesting. It does have the threaded oil filler cap, which is 79 and newer. But it is a 76ish distributor.

So it's a mutt.

If the block was machined, you would have specs for the new undersize on the mains, no? And the large ends on the connecting rods? Specs are important in determining what it will take to get another crank turned to match.

There's a lot of very knowledgeable guys on here that know a whole lot about these engines, but I am not one of them so I apologize. Long story short the PO told me this was a match to the one in the 83 fj60 that I have and I found out it was not. I've had it stored for years now and at this point I just want to clear things out. I appreciate all the helpful comments and I'll accommodate however I can.

This may also be of some help haha


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