MUDShip Empty rolling chassis from SACRAMENTO to DENVER area

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Oct 11, 2017
SW Utah - Mid 2023
United States
Hi all, I'm looking for options to transport an empty FJ40 rolling chassis (tub, frame, and axles) from SACRAMENTO, CA to the DENVER area. There is no engine, trans, transfer, hardtop, doors, hood, fenders, etc. or interior so probably half the weight of a complete cruiser, maybe even less. If I can get this thing to the Denver area I can go get it from there......Thanks
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can you get it to Sparks Nevada ? I might have a trip going there, and then the Midwest isn't far from Delta Colorado.
Hi Bob, I am not sure if that would be possible at this point but thanks for the offer! I do have a couple other ideas in the works but I will let you know if your option could work out!

Thanks very much!
BUMP......BUMP.....BUMP.....I need to get this rolling chassis from Sacramento, Ca area to the midwest, somewhere hopefully within 500-600 miles of Racine, code 53405
Hi Bob, I do not have a way to get the rolling chassis to Nevada. Thanks for trying, I very much appreciate it because I am just not having any luck :bang:
BUMP.....changed from the Midwest to the Denver area, this has got to help the situation.
Transport secured! No more need.

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