Emissions Equipment

Dec 7, 2002
The following items were removed from a 1986 (June) FJ60. When we overhauled it we desmogged the motor because we are in a non-smog state. As far as I know, the stuff works, but can't guarantee it. I am using the nomenclature in the emissions manual. Feel free to make offers. Shipping would be from Dillon, Montana, USA.

VSV for ERG.....$5
VSV for AI.....$5
Metal pipe from EGRV to EGR cooler...$30
Air rail...$60
EGR Cooler with bolts, no pipes...$100
HAC valve...$25
EGR valve.... $50
EGR valve modulator...$20
Vacuum pipe assembly (spaghetti jct)...$20
Air bypass valve/Air Switching valve...$200
I also have most of the large hoses and associate clamps

I will take $450 for all of the above. All prices do not include shipping. Vacuum hoses are not attached to items. Contact vnettles@3rivers.net
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