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Dec 1, 2009
Conejo valley
So I was making a turn and I put on my blinker and it blinked once and then froze on. Checked the driver side and it responded as normal. So I figured that it was a down bulb. Not the case. I know it needs to be ground at the on the rear fixture so I cleaned off the bolts and got it working.

Then it stopped again in the same way, but this time when I had the RPMs up it worked correctly. To further confuse things it worked fine when it was the only thing on but when I turned on the vent blower it stayed on (not blinking). Then to act correctly when the blower was off.

What gives? Any help on that?
I fought similar issues until I solved them with proper wiring, not saying the only way but it was an easy fast solution for me
I had a similar issue with Arnold. I checked the flasher under the dash and found that it was an early round flasher not the newer squarish metal box that's suppoed to be on a 78. Off to the *utozon$ to buy a new "ice cube" flasher (don't remember the p/n but it only has two terminals). I had to make a small wire harness to hook it up and zip tied it to the bracket under the dash. Works like a champ.

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