DVD - adding a monitor - what cords/cables/adapters?

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Mar 27, 2003
Below the Mackinac bridge
I don't have an overhead DVD screen. My shop builds custom monitor brackets for our production machinery, so I think I'll build one to hold a monitor over the center console. I'd like to buy a flatscreen I can use at home on the computer, as a TV, and as a DVD monitor in the car. So what kind of inputs will I need on this monitor to hook it to the existing DVD player? Where are the outputs on the factory DVD player? I need to pull the middle dash out and do a mod so I can make changes while moving. If the outputs are in there, I'd like to have the cables ready to install, so I don't have to pull the dash apart again later. If the outputs are under the center console, I'll probably be lifting that to mount my bracket to the floor.

I have made hangers to hold laptops on the backs of seats, those work well. If this is complicated I might just make a laptop holder.

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