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Dec 23, 2002
I have a 2.5' Old Man Emu lift on my 97 FZJ80. I've got alot of weight up front and am wondering if having swaybar drop blocks up front will affect my ride - ie. body roll etc. I've got two sets of blocks - one from the MAF lift with the HD Swaybars and Slee's. I'm going back to the Toyota OEM swaybars and was wondering before I put them on. How much swaybar drop is necessary ? How do you know when the sway bars are at the correct level ?

aka. The man with too many questions
I have no rear aftermarket bumper or any real weight in the back, but alot up front. Could it be that the front is overloaded ?

Example - When taking a left turn, the left side of the car dips down. When going over bumps, the shocks don't absorb them, the car tilts from side to side.
I don't think it's the angle of the sway bar that is affecting your ride so much as the heavy duty maf crap. Switch back to the OEM and see what happens. You only need spacing blocks as to make sure there are no driveshaft issues when flexing.
Matt -

I am pre-lift on my '97, so I cannot advise... but I wonder what spring combination you used for the "2.5 in lift," and what combination of bits create the "alot of weight up front"? In otherwords, how much is "alot" ?

R -
The front sway bar drop blocks are necessary when you increase the length of your shocks (e.g. OME "L" shocks.) Stock length shocks don't require the blocks.
The weight up front is:

ARB Bullbar
Warn M12000
Dual Batteries

No weight in the rear.

As I plan to go with the longer shocks in the near future, will the drop blocks affect the ride at all or can I put them in now ?

Thank you -
I would put the drop blocks in when the OME L-shocks are installed. You have to drop the sway bar anyway to install the shocks. Might as well wait.

If you don't want to wait then I don't see that the blocks would hurt or help the ride. All they do is lower the sway bar. It's still attached at the same points and it is still the same diameter bar; just extended a little.  I ran with 2-1/8" blocks and stock length shocks for about 2 weeks. I couldn't tell any change.


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