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Dec 29, 2003
Louisville, KY
It has been a long time since I owned a Toyota PU i.e. 15 years. When I bought my 92 4x4, it needed several things AND as a consequence had several noises in the driveline. The pinion bearings were shot...replaced those along with carrier bearings. Fixed the bearing noise. Tranny vibrated and howled in 5th gear and 3rd gear. Replaced tranny and that went away. Replaced all u joints. New tires.

After all that, I still have driveline noise at 40 mph and then at 60 mph. Does not matter what gear. Tires are balanced correctly etc...

Now, I must tell you that this is not my daily driver...I drive a newer vehicle BUT I just do not remember these being this loud. Is it just me being used to modern, better insulated/better tuned cars? If so, fine. But I would expect noises out of a 40 not a 92 PU.

Speak up for me...I never had this issue in my 40 i.e. being worried about the sounds I heard. That was just how they were in terms of tranny noise/wheel noise etc
What kinda driveline noise?? You shouldn't have any on that truck. Is it a vibration? Since it comes and goes at different speeds, I am inclined to think of a slight imbalance on the shaft. Maybe put together one tooth off.....
Pull the rear shaft, and drive in 4H to see if it goes away, if so, confirm that it is put together right, and then have it balanced.

Also, you didn't mention any maintenance on the Transfer case. If all the other bearings were bad, it was likely from neglect or abuse, The t-case may not have fared much better, so you could have some play back there making some noise..
Good luck,

BTW you should have bought my T100, woulda been cheaper and easier:D
Well, maybe easier BUT certainly not a long run ( :

The tranny and transfer case are at 75K i.e. the replaced tranny had the transfer as well. The shaft looks a matter of fact it can only be either aligned or off significantly. Now, balanced is another question.

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