Downey bell housing question

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Jul 30, 2011
White Salmon, WA
Search has failed me, so I call on the collective wisdom. I have a Downey V8 bell housing, and I'm curious what it will fit.

Obviously it fits a SBC, that's what it came off of and you can see the SBC pattern in the grunge. But, there are many other bolt holes. As a reference, the closer of the top non-SBC holes are 4.5" spacing, and the wider are 7" spacing. This doesn't match Ford SB, but it looks similar to Chrysler SB.

Anyone know? And yes, I PM'd Mr. Downey, but I thought I might get a hit from some other 'Mud genius.
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IIRC, they offered a Universal type app. Besides SBC, if may fit the Chevy big block, Caddy?, Mopar?. With dual clutch windows, and dual starter ports, it could fit a lot of stuff.
SBC and BBC share the same pattern. What you have there looks like it has the BPO pattern, (Buick, Pontiac Oldsmobile) as well as the Chevy stuff. That's a nice piece of hardware.
Now that I compare, it does look like it has the BPO pattern. Maybe even fits the GM metric (S10) pattern.

I wish it crossed over with Ford, 5.0's are almost as plentiful and equally as cheap as SBC's. I'd love to have the dizzy up front. Guess I could bite the bullet and go Vortec shopping...
Use it to swap in a Isuzu 4BD1/2 diesel like I did! There's one for sale here on mud(Not mine) and they work great.


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