Door Open Lights Always On!

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Mar 5, 2006
S a i n t L o u i s
A few months ago my truck's tail lights and corners lights went out so I replaced the fuse and it kept blowing. So I took my truck to the shop and they had to remove the remote start and the keyless entry, they said it was a mess. But ever since the first fuse blew my Open Door light has been on ever since. Any Ideas? Thanks
sounds like you have been the victim of poor electrical work, I would look two places, first remove all the switches and make sure everything is in order there, having a meter and knowing how to use it will be helpful here, then also look at where the taps were made for the remote start/entry, most shops use scotch locks for these kinds of installs because they are quick and easy, hey it is not their truck and time is money.
I had a similar thing happen to my 80 a month ago when I got a keyless/remote start alarm system installed. The issue had something to do with alarm not being wired correctly and it was causing that fuse to blow and then blow back through the dome light. The installer said that the way that DEI said to install the sensore were incorrect. He knew exactly what to change and did it in 20 minutes.
I think I pretty much looked at everything I could. And I'm not really sure how to use a meter, or know what it is. Does it find thrown codes?
actually a little diffrent talking about a digital multi-meter (AKA DMM) anlaong versions can also be used but only a simpson analog meter is worth its owning.

it is used to test electrical circuits,

I have a 10 year old Fluke 73 series II, a similar meter is sold today,

Fluke also makes more modern meters that are great.

it would be a good idea to get a meter and learn general automotive electronics, if you do not want to invest the time take it to a trusted mechanic.
It's not really hurting anything right now, I might have save and invest in one. It might save me later on and teach me something new. Thanks

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