Door locks

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Dec 7, 2015
united states
I have a VERY well maintained 2002 Land Cruiser with 294k.
I love it. Best vehicle i've ever owned by a long shot. BUT, I am having some trouble with the automatic door locks, and I'm sure the dealer would want a king's ransom to fix it. The rear passenger side, and front drivers door sometimes stick when I engage the from the keyless remote. It seems like the mechanism stops halfway, like it needs lubed or something. Anybody know if theres a way to lube this? Would spraying wd-40 behind the switch hurt anything? Any input would be appreciated!
Thanks, Pete
I am not mechanically inclined. Are there actuators in each door, for each switch? Sounds logical in my head. Would some lube help possibly? I can deal with this problem, but every time I lock the truck I have to walk around and make sure each door has actually locked.
I had the same issue on my 2 front doors and driver side rear door. I had aftermarket actuators installed and fixed that issue. I was told that replacing the factory actuators would mean replacing the the whole locking mechanism for each door etc which would be costly, so I went for aftermarket. It was $60 a door
I have this same issue on my 99LX. I have found that if I use the FOB only it works fine. It is only when my little ones start playing with the switches manually that it creates an issue. My problem is usually with the tailgate and rear passenger door. Once it goes out of whack, I need to hit the FOB to lock all doors. Then I go aroung and manually lock each door that needs it. I hit lock on the FOB one last time and wait about 5 minutes or until the next time I use the LX and probblem is solved.
Well until the kids play with it again.
The motor in the actuator is what is failing. I have had one fail in my LX470. I bought 5 motors on eBay so I can replace all of them. Here is the best thread on what you need to do to fix the problem. If you are not mechanical you may want to get a friend to help pull the door panel off and fix the actuator. It is not a hard job and the motors are cheap.
I wouldn't spray WW40 on anything that might be exposed to dust. It's not a lubricant. It is a cleaner that they market as a lubricant. If you lube them I'd go with something like Finish Line Dry Bike Lubricant.

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