Door and rear brake compatability

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Oct 21, 2007
Enderby BC
I've been on the hunt for some monsoon guards for my HZJ77 and I think I have found some nearby from a Prado LJ78. I know the two have very similar body styles but how similar I do not know.

Since both models do not have the fold down windshield would I be safe to assume that a 77 and Prado 78 do share the same front doors and therefore the same monsoon guards too?

I tried this thread, but it did not tell me what I was after

Another question I have is my rear brake pads are in need of replacement. I heard from someone that the callipers on a domestic gas 80 series are the same, or at least bolt on, for the rear disks of a 73. Can anyone confirm this?

Is this true? If so then 80 series pads should work in my 77, which would be much cheaper and easier to get, right?
Prado ones will work. I have some big ass front ones if your interested

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Uh, no, that information about the front and rear brakes is not quite correct... close, but not quite correct.

Give us a call and we can sort out the details for you with the correct parts - and probably even save you some money with all the advice, reduced hassles, and even the parts costs.


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