Door Ajar Light Issue

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Aug 29, 2017
SF Bay Area
I've been working an interesting issue with my door ajar light. It appears to turn on when my headlights are off. Even with the doors closed and I double checked all the switches. independently. There's no change. What's strange is when I turn the headlights on, the light turns off. Also, when the headlights are on, I can force the door ajar light to come on by turning my dash light brightness full on, pass the click.

It's very strange, but I'm going to dig through the electrical diagrams tonight. I'll check fuses and relays. I'll pull the contact switches last for a visual inspection. I'm wondering if the rain got into the relay and corrosion is causing a short somewhere.

I'll post the results later...

Issue: Door Ajar Light dim but remains on when headlights are off regardless of engine state (on and off). Door Ajar Light turns off when headlights are on. Door Ajar Light can be turned on while headlights are on by turning Dash lights to full brightness...

  • Check Relay
  • Check Fuses for corrosion
  • Check Contact Switches for corrosion.
Having similar issue - Door ajar light on dim, gets brighter when door is open. I cannot get the dome light to turn on when switch is set to door and I actually open the door - the light stays off, I am able to turn the light on manually. Last night I was able to force the door ajar light to turn off by turning the dimmer switch down past the click, but I could not reproduce it this morning. Any chance an aftermarket alarm or remote starter is installed on yours?
I don't have an aftermarket alarm, but any time there's an aftermarket anything, you should really look at the wiring. I've seen some awful installs.

I noticed my issue after a lot of rain. The previous owner(s) mudded pretty hard in the truck years ago. This clogged the drain plugs somewhere underneath the car that runs up to the sunroof. When I noticed the carpet in my passenger side was really wet and the door ajar light was on.. I figured I'd start with the drain plug.

I took some weed trimmer line and fed it through the sunroof drain hole. If you're in the car, you have to open the sunroof and basically stand through the window. If you need help I can take pictures. Once I did that, I took a compressor and gently blew out the hole. The key word is gently. You don't want those lines to somehow get messed up. That drain hole goes down the A pillar and leads somewhere down underneath your car. If it's plugged, then you end up with pooling water. My thought was that it must have pooled around the door ajar sensor or cause a circuit to close somewhere. Once I did that... it's stopped.

It hasn't rained hard in a few weeks. I'll post back if it happens again. Let me know if that helps.
I think I figured out my door ajar issue. It appeared to happen most often when it had rained. Who ever had replaced the windshield last used screws instead of water tight rivets in addition to one of the screws actually missing. I replaced the screws with my own home made waterproof rivets (used electrical heat shrink around aluminum rivet). Seemed to have solved the issue for now.

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