Does this sound like a bad starter?

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Turd Herder
Apr 24, 2010
Eagleville, TN
So the wife went out this morning to run and errand and the 4Runner didn't want to start. The starter sounded like it was turning over once and then stopping. After about 4 tries it turned over normally and started normally. She said it did it again when she started home and it has done it with me at least once the couple times I have started it to check it today.

I checked the battery while it was acting up and it was about 12.42 volts and once it started up it went to 14.19 volts, so it seems to be charging fine and the battery looks like it is about right for first thing in the morning.

So do I need to go ahead and get a starter on order or is there something else I am missing. I am thinking I may park it until I can figure out the problem because the last thing I need is for me to be out and the starter completely die.

As a confirmed parts replacer as opposed to a parts rebuilder, my impulse--based on your description-- would be to replace the starter--after having inspected the 12V supply and switches to make sure it's not a decayed wire, switch, or connector . Folks with a nice workbench in their garage will say to rebuild it yourself.
Just bring something with you to bang on the starter, hammer, channel locks, vise grips. If it is the starter the contacts are just worn out. If you bang on it, you can usually get it to start to get you where you need to go. But I would check and replace the wires from the battery, very easy to do.

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