Do 73 series MWB use 60 series rear springs and 75 series fronts ?

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Oct 1, 2014
Silvan, Austraila
finding it hard to get model specific springs for an FJ73. Been told its a combo of 60 rear and 75 front, is this correct so I can pick from those models ??

Yes , although the actual difference between a 60 spring length and 70 is 4mm(according to TLC FAQ). I had 60 series and 75 series Dobinsons suspension on my 73 series.
The only thing I would be wary of is some heavy duty 60 series leaf springs will be a bit hard for a MWB. You could take a leaf out or ask for standard duty.

If you want to check for yourself ,compare the part numbers on Dobinsons page, I'm pretty sure the 60 and 73 series had the same part number in their catalog.
Gotta admit I didn't try Dobbys I went on the EFS page and it didn't even list the 73's....
When I bought my tough dog kit for my FJ73, it came with 60 series rear leaf springs. They bolt on with no problem. Front leafs were labeled for 75 series.
The Tough Dog for my BJ73 is also 75 in the front and 60 in the back.

BJ73 Front Spring.jpg
BJ73 Rear Spring.jpg
hi mate, I also own a BJ73 MWB 1985 Model, I am chasing flares to suit them .these are factory original, riveted type, any ideas where to find them
Lots of threads on flares. Try FRP Australia in NSW I think.
Thanks all for the info, cheers.

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