Distributor Drive Gear Removal

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Sep 5, 2007
Anybody ever done this? Dont ask why....mine is worn and I have another off of a spare dizzy. There is a pin about the size of a pencil holding it on. I have beat on it to no avail. Any suggestions?
I removed one from an old 1974 dizzy. Total pain in the butt. Grind off a bit of BOTH ends of the pin to remove the part of the pin that was deformed from staking it in. Use a hardened drift as close as possible to the size of the pin and a BIG hammer. Support the dizzy gear on a large vice or anvil so you get a good solid surface to beat against. Start pounding on it. If it doesn't move, switch sides and try again. Careful not to mushroom the head of the pin.

BTW you will need a new pin when you are done...
Thanks cooler. I appreciate the help. Now to commence the beating & grinding.

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