dipstick location 84 fj60

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Jan 15, 2006
Hi, I picked up a cruiser for 600 bucks the other day and was casually looking for the dipstick . . . .where did they hide it? I was ready to crawl under the vehicle to see where the tube entered the lower block/sump but got sidetracked with something else. In the meantime, I am wondering if the the stick/tube are missing as I cannot imagine a dipstick could be that hard to find. Strange stuff . . . I feel like an idiot asking this question or maybe its just my middleaged eyes . . . . damn . . .no manual, but what do I expect for 600.00!
passenger side of the motor
Passenger side of the motor on a left hand drive version.
found it! I feel a little less stupid as the handle was rotated in and hiding very neatly behind a hose. Thanks again!
funny. this happened to me too. when i picked up my cruiser i couldn't find the dip stick and the P.O. didn't know where it was either. we took it to jiffy lube (before purchase) and those guys found it. apparently he had relied exclusively on them for his oil changes. scary, i know. but no harm done as far as i can tell.
Now let's see if you can "stick it in the dark" :cheers:

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