Diesel PS questions

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Michael B

Aug 1, 2012
Huntsville Al
G' day mates,
I have a 12HT I need to mount a PS pump on. I have a pump but I'm not certain it is mounted correctly. I have a motor mount that is suppose to accept the PS pump, but it does not work with the pump I have.

1. Is the PS pump mounted correctly?

2. Should my PS pump be mounted to the motor mount?

3. Do I need a different PS pump to work with the motor mount bracket?

As usual gentlemen, thank you in advance for all of your help!

PS bracket 1.JPG
PS bracket 2.JPG
PS bracket 3.JPG
PS pump 4.JPG
PS pump 5.JPG
I have seen this mounting location used twice now and the pulleys line up perfectly. But there are only two bolts holding it to the face of the IP. There are three holes on the back of the pump that could be used for a secondary bracket. But there is nothing to tie the bracket to the block or motor mount.

There was a really good thread about an Aussie bloke who fitted a 12ht motor into an FJ40 on Mud. The image attached is the HJ47 engine mount with a bracket welded to it so it would accept the 12ht power steering pump. I'll try and dig up a link to his build.

Thanks Ben. I recognize the color of the bracket. I know the build thread and I will check it out. Thanks for the heads up.
Didn't i fab up a little bracket to fit between the pump and the engine mount bracket? That's the way i had it and i really thought i fitted it...
Must have forgotten it then... I have to say that the bracket shown a few posts back looks alot better then what i fabbed up. I'll have to check if i have a late model engine mount in my stash because that's what you need to fab that up by the looks of it.
I'm doing pretty good, just really busy at work. I thought last year was busy, i was wrong...

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