For Sale diesel/gas 60 series parts books and multi truck fiche

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Apr 20, 2002
United States
So I have a couple things available. Two non US parts books for 60 series:

Super rare NON US parts books for 60 and 62 series trucks. Includes all countries including African, Australia, Asian, Europe, Middle Eastern, and South America (excluding Japan) both right hand and left hand drive systems. Engines 3B, 2H, 12H-T, 2F, 3FE, plus H41, H42, and H55 manual transmissions (and autos). In English, French, and Spanish. Everything from tools to cable lockers, ambulance doors to sun roofs, front bench seats to factory 3rd row seats. Each book is more than 1,100 pages. Books are sold individually $200 each firm. Price includes shipping in CONUS. Other areas freight will be included to $200 base cost.

#1) 8/80-8/87 Cat No 99621-88 printed by Toyota in 1988 SOLD

#2) 8/87-3/92 Cat No 99622-93 printed by Toyota in 1993 (including Venezuelan models to 1992) SPF
*****item 2 STILL AVAILABLE AS OF 6/26*****

microfiche reader and toyota parts slides
Toyota parts microfiche collection:

North American J60 series 1981-1987
North American J62 series 1987-1990
North American J80 series 1990-1997
non US 80 series 90-97 *engine series* slides 1-5 of 18
North American J40 series 1969-1980
North American J40 series 1981-1984
Tundra US 2000
Australian parts price circa 2001
North American truck 1979-1981
North American truck 1982-1988
non US 70 series 1984-1988 *engine series* and some body slides 1-4 of 9

this includes a fiche reader which will be shipped to buyer (15" or better square box)

$120 shipped in CONUS

paypal or postal money order for books or fiche stuff
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