Denso IDI injector nozzle tech?

Oct 20, 2017
Salt Lake City
OK, I just wasted 15min running through the list of nozzles pounding them into google and looking at images. I did not find any other 'throttled' nozzle like the one used in the early 2LTE/2LTHE.

One thing that I've discovered in my reading of SAE papers, is Toyota used the 2LTE/2LTHE as a bit of a test bed for more advanced technologies. They used it to develop the ECD (electronic controlled diesel) technology, they used it to try out ceramic pre-cups, and they also used it to develop ceramic fiber reinforced piston rind land technology. So a lot of what came out in later diesels came out of 2LTE/2LTHE testing. So it's very possible the throttled injector nozzles were sort of a 'high tech' feature that ultimately they decided not to continue. The ceramic precups I thought had huge potential, but they also dropped those. I think this is all in because they recognized TDI (turbo direct injection) engines were the future - and that is where they decided to invest development.

I do like some things about IDI turbo motors over TDI motors though. The higher compression ratio gives better out of boost low rpm torque. I like that the injectors can handle lower quality diesel with less filtration. The injection system on a whole seems more forgiving. They're easy to work on. Good 'apocalypse' motors, haha. Loss of heat energy into coolant from the pre-chamber is the main problem with them. This is why I really want to try those ceramic precups some day.
I had looked up just the 1HZ and 2L/3L injectors and they look the same as your 2LT photo above. I managed to find some mention of 2LTHE engines running a higher fuel pressure, but based on that nozzle doc the injectors are the same :rolleyes: I wonder if just the pump is different

I like the IDIs as well, but seen too many treads on 3Bs with dropped precups not to be a little weary.
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