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Jan 9, 2005
Northern Nevada
Jebus...I feel like a food pimp :D Nothing in this for me, though, except to turn you on to some pretty amazing salsa as well as other very good south of the border authentic fare.

Once again I discovered this salsa at Costco. And if you appreciate simple fresh salsa that has nothing more than roasted tomatoes, roasted poblanos, roasted New Mexican green peppers and a little salt to elevate the combination then you'll be literally drinking this stuff! Comes packaged as twin 24oz plastic container packs for $12.

Del Real, the maker of salsas and other wonderful products, also offers slow cooked fresh pork carnitas that just need to be caramelized in a hot skillet at home or camp to be the basis for any number of quick but unctuous entrees or appetizers. We typically have at least one meal using their carnitas on our on-trail explore forays!

Good stuff...check it out!

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Aug 9, 2011
State of Delusion (Also, Oklahoma)
That looks and sounds fantastic. There is a Mexican restaurant here in town that serves the most authentic food (although served in American Tex Mex style) I have had North of the border. They make a great salsa and a delicious molcajete. But, my favorite is their slow roasted pork. I asked them how they make it and he showed me the mixture. I don't remember it all, but it involved tequila, orange juice, and sprite among other things.

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