Dealer Service Price list.

Sep 2, 2003
I am NOT a DIY and wanted to get some work done (Mainly 115k maintenance)
Here is the list. Could someone let me know if this seems reasonable?
97 LC
Frt wheel bearing re-pack 206.33
Body Lubrication 7.20
Chassis/Body Service 35.64
Engine Performance 77.20
Fluid Change 162.81
Valve Adjustment 331.10
4wheel alignment 44.96
Lube/retorque 35.64
This is the price list I got from my local Toy dealer. I am trying to take this as a guideline to my local mechanic instead of dealer and wanted to see if this will be a good guideline.
Thanks for your help.
Mar 27, 2003
North Georgia, USA
save yourself the $$$. Before i got my land cruiser..i did absolutely NO work on my cars..not even changing the oil. Now 1 year later..with the help of the extremely knowledgable people on this forum I have done BY MYSELF and with a Haynes Cheapo Manual:
- replaced all shocks (with bilsteins)
- replaced all my coils with OME coils
- Replaced ALL brake pads
- Installed my ARB bumper
- installed new stereo, cb, and new speakers in doors
- Replaced my tie rod, drag link & ends with SLEE heavy duty ones
-Replaced OEM steering stablizer
- Replaced fuel filter
-Change oil every 2500 miles
- change tranny fluid
- change brake fluid
- replaced all the struts & tires on my girls corolla.

Now, i know that some of the stuff i listed is not on your list..but, i think it is a matter of confidence. I bet you might enjoy doing it (while at the same time save $$$). I am currently looking into doing my bearing repack and valve adjustment..but i want to wait for my FSM to arrive first. And my 500 piece Craftsman tool set for x-mas! :D

Also, for the 'biger' stuff i want done..i will prob still have to take to a mechanic (for now)..but, i now have a better feel for the actual work that is involved and can guage the cost better.

Finally, i live in an, "no car work is allowed" and i have still found places to work ion my rig.

Just food for thought...

Take care and good luck, :cheers:
Joe M
(wanna be wrench head) :D
Mar 28, 2003
Somewhere in NJ

Other than the valve adjust, front wheel bearing repack, and alignment, I'm not quite sure what those other things are or include. For example, what's a chassis/body service? Is that like they go around and grease the hinges on the doors? Also, the appealing but non-descript fluid change could be anything from changing the wiper fluid to a full replacment of all fluids (axles, transfer, tranny, engine, PS, Brakes, etc). Then there's lube and retorque...

Maybe someone else who's had these "things" done can tell you if it's reasonable, but I'd have to ask them to be more specific about what exactly they're doing.

FWIW, if they're repacking the front wheel bearings, it would be nice to know if the axle had been serviced previously, and if so, when. Just my .02

Tom :beer:
Feb 28, 2003
Sorry for the hijack.....

[quote author=- S.A. - link=board=2;threadid=8978;start=msg77926#msg77926 date=1071862329]

- replaced all shocks (with bilsteins)
- replaced all my coils with OME coils


Curious, which Bilsteins do you have with the OME's. Also, which OME springs do you have? Trying to get a model number for the lift springs, not the standard height ones.


Will back to your normal thread.
Mar 27, 2003
IMO with the exception of the front wheel bearing re-pack, those prices are very reasonable. Verify that the valve adjustment includes shims (or not), as needed.

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