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1987 FJ60 parts vehicle

I am looking for all the Toyota emblems. Front grill, rear sides, tailgate, etc. Does your 60 still have them and would you like to sell them separately?

Rich Leach
1987 FJ60 parts vehicle

...just sent you an email, but just in case... I'm looking for the trim piece that holds the rear carpet to the rear seat back. Gray interior also...


Cardinal FJ60
Re:1987 FJ60 parts vehicle

How much for the windsheild, with shipping? (
1987 FJ60 parts vehicle

Cadota - Emblems are gone as of this AM

Cardinal - will be posting a series of pics on my imagestion page. Interior is grey, let me pull it and send you a pic. and price.

Ugly88- have no clue what it would cost to ship, thats why I put the business zip on. I dont want to choose a carrier you dont want.
Re:1987 FJ60 parts vehicle

OK - I need a tailgate hatch in undented condition, with glass and workin defrost grid. Price? Pix?


Mike S
Re:1987 FJ60 parts vehicle

Your right on the shipping it will be to much. YOu would not happen to have a passenger side fender without rust holes instead, do you?
1987 FJ60 parts vehicle

How many miles on the engine? Does it have a smog pump? How much with shipping to Medford, Oregon?
I need a good gas filler neck

I think I e-mail you already. You were going to check condition.
Re:1987 FJ60 parts vehicle *LINK TO PICS UP*

Is there any rust that I can't see from the photo on the passenger fender. How much you want for it? Are you getting rid of the roof rack also?
1987 FJ60 parts vehicle *LINK TO PICS UP*

I'd be interested in a price on the rear axle if it's available, please. email, or reply here...Thanks, Alan
1987 FJ60 parts vehicle *LINK TO PICS UP*

Interested in:
1) the dashboard. What condition is it in (looked good from pix)
2) the little door that covers the jack housing (if it's still good)
3) rear seat belt hardware.
4) Leatherette boot that covers the E-brake.

1987 FJ60 parts vehicle *LINK TO PICS UP*

I need all 4 stock shackles. Do you have those? How much?
1987 FJ60 parts vehicle *LINK TO PICS UP*

sent you an email...

1987 FJ60 parts vehicle *LINK TO PICS UP*

are you parting the engine? Need harmonic balancer pulley (double for a/c). If not price of engine?


Thanks Michael
1987 FJ60 parts vehicle *LINK TO PICS UP*

Are you selling the Yakima rack- if so How much for the towers and cross bars? Thanks
1987 FJ60 parts vehicle *LINK TO PICS UP*

[quote author=muddogbob link=board=5;threadid=8287;start=msg145637#msg145637 date=1083018963]
I'm interested in the front D-shaft.

Sorry. No shafts avail.

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