Wanted dash supports EARLY 70 series- **finders fees**

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Apr 20, 2002
United States
I installed an early bj70 dash in my truck rhd to lhd conversion but found that i lack the correct early support brackets (see image). The desired versions are only good thru 7/1986 for right or left hand drive models. The 8/1987-2000+ common arms I have and cannot use. I want someone to find a pair of these for me and will pay to have them pulled from a wrecking yard if need be and shipped to Arizona.

images can be sent, ih8mud is not allowing me to upload at this time.
ranch dot hand at comcast dot net
the correct.jpg
find a wreck for me, $50 if if lead to the brackets.

another option is a 1987 and later J70 LHD dash (used, no rust). Cruiserparts has a new one for $350 ish but would like to beat that.

I have LHD dashes in stock in Tx,shipping might kill the deal.

You just need the bare dash or any bolt on parts also ?

well new plan I guess. The texas parts guru has a later dash for me which will work with the later brackets.

anyone need an early lhd dash????

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