Dash Rehab

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Jan 22, 2007
Chesnee, SC
My dash was a mess, full of cracks and curling up at every crack.
I don't know about you, but seeing that every time I sit in the driver's seat is a downer at best. So I ordered a dash cover from CCOT.

Best $122.00 incl. shipping I ever spent!. THe dash cover fits well and the only spot that really stands out is around the round vents. The difference it provides is amazing. If you are a pureset and doing a resto, it is not for you. But if you are building a clean rig and can't take looking at a nasty dash, this is quick and easy.

Before, This is what was left after I removed all the cracked and curling foam.

I found a dense foam matt at Lowes that was the same thickness of the foam uner the OEM dash. Cut it to shape and glued it in. THe new dash cover requires the support. I also painted the edge of the new foam brown so it is not visable through the windshield.


I followed the directions and this is what I look at now. HUGE improvement!

OOOOH, purty. Money and time well spent.
Got one for mine, and then the truck was wrecked. But did set it over the old dash when the adjuster came out. Said dash looked really good for its age.
Nice, must be the one the PO put in mine. Hard to tell difference from factory unless you really look. Great job!

What's on your steering wheel? I've been wanting to get some kind of cover for mine.
I have a cover over my dash as well.

I never glued mine on though :D

I can take it off when I need to and whatnot, also an aftermarket radio sits more flush with the face of the dash because of the cover.


I went with a Wheelskins cover for mine, you have to stitch it on but damn it looks good!

Looks like SOR has them for $40 but I don't remember paying that much. Weird.

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