Daring the Darien

Mar 5, 2005
Hadn't heard about this expedition before.

As most of you know, Chevrolet drove several
Corvairs through the Darien Gap, a very inaccessible
land of swamps and tropical forests that separates
Panama from Columbia. The 1961 trip through the
jungle was the sequel to the previous year's trip from
the United States down through Mexico and to the
then-end of the Pan American Highway. The cars
used were three red 1960 Corvairs. At the end of the
trip the cars were not brought back to the States and it
has been said that they may have been used for Taxi
service in Mexico.
The Darien trip used three red 1961 Corvairs. These
cars took a real beating and were not fit for use after
the trip. The story has it that they were left behind in
the jungle even though they had less than a couple of
thousand miles on each of them. There was a report a
while back that someone on an expedition in the area
where the trip ended found some of the remains still
rotting away.

YouTube - Corvair in Jungle- Daring the Darien

YouTube - Chevrolet Corvair Daring the Darien part II
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