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Apr 26, 2010
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75013 Allen Texas, United States
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2003 Tacoma 9,950

it is time to sell my 2003 Toyota Tacoma double cab 4x4 TRD with 181,000 miles

It has been a great truck for me. I bought it in November 2012, with 71,000 miles on the odometer it now has 181,000. I am the third owner of this truck. The previous owners were in Pennsylvania and took the vehicle to the dealership for every oil change, warranty work, recalls, and service for the first 70,000 miles. When I bought the truck, I was living in Atlanta, Georgia, so the truck moved south and out of the Rust Belt. I now live in Texas and have for the last 8 years. The underside of the truck was treated by the previous owners, and the frame was checked out by the Toyota dealer and passed when they replace the spare tire holder under a recall. The gas tank skid plate has seen better days and probably should be replaced. All the body mounts on the truck were replaced with the energy suspension polyethylene in 2016. I bought the whole kit and replaced all the body mounts and the power steering bushings. I will include the remainder of the bushings that are left in the package with the truck. Up until 2016, I drove the truck at stock height, then I decided to add Bilstein 5100 struts upfront and 5100 shocks with an add a leaf in the rear to give the truck roughly a 2.5-inch lift. Front differential spacers were installed at the time lift. At the same time, upper and lower A-arms, all the ball joints, and tie and rods were replaced.

I also added the FJ cruiser team style factory wheels at the time lift. The spare also has the team edition FJ cruiser wheel, so all wheels on the truck match. I just replaced the tires with general tire Grabber AT, which only has 5500 miles on them. This listing has a copy of the Carfax for this vehicle, showing what all three owners' history with this car for maintenance and for upkeep. I personally have changed the oil every 8000 miles on the truck with full synthetic and a Toyota oil filter. In 2014 the truck received minor front end damage that required the passenger side headlight assembly and stock bumper to be replaced. A gentleman in a parking lot backed into the truck with a larger truck at a slow speed. It will be listed in the Carfax just wanted to give you more details about it if you have any other questions please feel free to message me. In 2019 I replaced the driveshaft U-joints and support bearing looking for a vibration that ended up being the old Cooper tires. The problem was fixed when I replaced the Cooper tires with the general grabber tires. In 2019 I installed a Magnaflow muffler to replace the stock one.


3.4 L V-6

original engine with the truck timing belt service at 92,000 miles. Serviced by the Toyota dealership in Grapevine, Texas. Along with the timing belt, the water pump, idler pulley, camshaft seals, all accessory drive belts, and all hoses were replaced with Toyota's original parts at the time of service.

The spark plugs and wires were replaced with factory parts in 2018.


automatic four-speed

original the truck

Has the factory E locker that still functions.

to my knowledge, the camper shell on the truck was purchased by the first owner. It is in good shape I have not encountered any kind leaks.

Audio system

when I bought the truck in 2012, it did not have the original radio. The radio that was in the truck lasted about a year and then finally died, so I upgraded to a JVC doubled DIN unit with Bluetooth hands-free talk. I also added a Toyota factory USB ports and Aux audio jack in the existing dash. While I was at it, the rear door speakers were upgraded, and the front door speakers were replaced by MB quart separates. The head unit can play CDs or DVDs, and the reverse camera is wired up and is an excellent feature for hooking up a trailer.

Winch and recovery gear

Included in the sale of this truck is a never installed on this truck T Max 10,000-pound winch with synthetic winch line and my recovery bag, which has a snatch block and various lengths of cable and straps. The winch is 6.6 hp with a wired or wireless remote. I had it on a previous off-road vehicle.

I've tried to be as transparent as possible with this listing, but if you have any questions about certain things I did not put in the post or didn't know to put in, please ask me. I will answer your question to my best ability. I have taken about 80 pictures of this truck on the outside, inside, engine bay, and underneath. I will include some in this listing and then add a link to a Google folder that will have the Carfax and the rest of the pictures
folder of pictures and carfax

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