Dakar Spring Install Problem??

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Feb 6, 2004
Mechanicsburg, PA
I just installed the Dakar springs on my 60 and believe everything is correct.
But.....the rear is noticeably higher than the front. I believe the shackles are on correctly but I noticed that on the front shackles they rotate forward about 30 degrees. The rear shackles are pretty much vertical(perpindicular to the ground)
Any thoughts?
Put the rear tail gate down, and jump on it!

The rear springs probably need to settle a bit.
Sounds good.
I'm not much of a wrencher and this was my first big mod so I didn't know what to expect.
Mechanically, everything looks to be correct..... I just don't want the "Hot Rod" look too long.

Now that it's lifted a bit, the truck is screaming for bigger tires.
Hopefully the wife will hear the screams
I've had mine on for a few months now and it still looks like that, too. The rear will settle some, but so will the front. If you want to level it, you'll have to go for longer shackles.

Side note - I've found the springs seem to ride better if you take em out and flex them really good every so often.

The shackels they sell with the springs have a front & rear sets.. the fronts are longer than the rear... thats been my experience..
I checked the clearance from the top of the tires to the top of the wheel well and have 7.5 inches in the front and 9.5 in the rear.
MAF has a shackle that is only 10mm longer but I found that SOR has a 1.5 inch shackle that would put me closer to the 9.5 in the rear.
Not sure if they will fit in the OME bushings though
The OME springs are setup to give you a "stinkbug" profile. They flatten out if you load it up a bit...

Also, as mentioned above, the longer shackles go in front.

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